How lucky are we?

A brand new dog walking field has opened within a few minutes walk of Pondycott Home Boarding. Fenton’s Field is a fantastic secure 3 acre paddock set in the grounds of a beautiful Manor House and will be well used by us.
It’s so lovely being able to let the dogs play safely in a secure and picturesque environment… and there’s even facilities for us to grab a cup of tea… Fabulous!


With the recent change in the Animal Licensing Laws we were delighted to be awarded a 4 Star, 2 year licence from Mendip District Council. This is the highest rating a Home Boarding business that has been trading under 3 years can achieve and we feel this reflects the level of service we offer. The length of trading time is our only barrier to achieving a 5 Star award so we just have to keep up the good work and wait patiently… it’s very frustrating but rules are rules!


After many years of looking after puppies we’ve bred whilst owners are on holiday (and dogs of friends and family) we started getting requests from 'friends of friends' for Dog Daycare and Home Boarding so we decided to launch Pondycott Home Boarding.
We are fully licensed by Mendip Council for up to five dogs and we are insured. We are intending to specialise in Vizslas as we are grand masters of their special ways and we have lots of outside space so we are a good fit with their high energy levels, and we have two wirehaired vizsla girls of our own.
We know most vizslas struggle with the kennel environment so were hoping we can provide a valuable service to owners of this amazing breed. We do have other breeds stay from time to time… so please don’t be afraid to contact us if you’re not a Vizzie owner!


As we get lots of visitors to we didn’t want to change our domain name so we’ve simply added our new venture Pondycott Home Boarding - and we hope you agree it’s a huge improvement on our old website. We are really grateful to our talented daughter Fae for her website and photography skills… and she’s promised to nag me so that our website and blog is kept up to date! Fae is always available for photography sessions when dogs come to stay – she loves taking photos of dogs!!!


Ok, we’re not Vizslas… but we’re the latest addition to the Pondycott clan! We are rare breed Badger Faced Sheep and we think we’re every bit as special as Vizslas! We are neutered boys who were orphaned as our mum had a tragic accident on a local farm. Within a week we learnt to run to the gate every time we see a human in return for a handful of feed - and now we seem to spend a lot of our day with our head through the gate looking for passers by! We live in a peaceful paddock, next to the pond which we share with ducks and geese and we are settling well into the Pondycott lifestyle!


All photos featured on this website have been taken by our eldest daughter Fae who enjoys capturing the character of dogs at play, out on walks or relaxing.
Please ask if you are interested in a photography session for your dog

Pondycott Lodge

Looking for dog friendly 'get away from it all' holiday accommodation in Somerset? Pondycott Lodge sleeps 2 persons with it’s own fully fenced garden in a private location in our grounds, overlooking open fields and plenty of good walks nearby. Find out more

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